Prof. Antti Poso

Prof. Antti Poso has been working in the field of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design since the early 1990s. He finalised his PhD in 1995 and carried out post-doctoral training with Prof. H.-D. Höltje (Düsseldorf, Germany), 1997-1998. Since 2003 he has been working as Professor of Drug Design and was appointed full Professor in 2008. Starting in 2010, he has also been working together with Prof. Kallioniemi at the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM). Since 2012, Prof. Poso has been Visiting Professor at University Hospital in Tübingen, Germany (with Prof. Lars Zender). Prof. Poso has published more than 110 original articles, and his main research topics are currently design of anti-cancer and anti-infective compounds.

In the INTEGRATE-ETN, Prof. Poso is leader of computer-aided drug design, hit finding, and optimization (WP1); and, the main supervisor for ESR4 . The research project of ESR4 focuses on “in silico” screening of new compounds against selected targets, analysing in vitro results (from WP3) to select optimal hit compounds, and supporting medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry optimization of selected hit series.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No  642620
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