Dr. Antonio Felici

Antonio Felici holds a PhD in Enzymology and Applied Biochemistry from the Centre of Protein Engineering (University of Liege, Belgium) where he started his scientific journey on elucidating the mechanism of inactivation of ß-lactam antibiotics by ß-lactamases. After his PhD he joined the Microbiology Department of GlaxoWellcome Discovery Centre based in Verona where he was leading different groups of colleagues involved in the characterization of new antibiotics. Following the merger with SmithKline he was asked for leading the Microbial Biochemistry laboratory at the Centre of Excellence of Drug Discovery in the newly formed GSK organization focussing on the elucidation of the intimate mechanism of actions of new antibacterial compounds. During this period he was involved in the study of regulation of bacterial virulence, quorum sensing, biofilm formation, identification of new bacterial targets as well as in the management of specific strategic partnerships with other Companies. He joined the Drug Design and Discovery Unit of the newly established Aptuit (Verona) Centre of Research and Development where he is responsible of the Microbiology Department. Despite a very dynamic scientific life, Antonio is married and spent much of the spare time playing with his two children and his lovely wife. Next step of his personal life will be challenging himself in mini-aeroplane modelling.

In the INTEGRATE-ETN, Dr. Felici is the main supervisor for ESR11. The research project of ESR11 in vitro characterization of new chemical entities designed and selected during the project effort. The project will also set up, validate and apply tailored animal models of bacterial infections to asses the in vivo efficacy of selected compounds against biofilm producing bacteria; and, develop PK/PD models for translation to clinic. (WP3).


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No  642620
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