Dr. Aigars Jirgensons

Aigars Jirgensons was born in 1973.  He graduated from University of Latvia in 1997 and completed his PhD in 2000 at Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis under the supervision of Dr. V. Kauss. In 2002, he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from Merz Pharmaceuticals to perform research in the group of Prof. R. Pellicciari, University of Perugia, Italy. In 2003, he returned to Institute of Organic Syntheses to work as a project leader. Since 2006, he is head of the group at the institute and, since 2011, holds the position of associate professor at Riga Technical University. 

His research interests include development of methods for synthesis of amino acids and amino alcohols, installation of hydroxamic acid functionality and its bioisosters. Another field of his research work is medicinal chemistry focused on the discovery of antimalarial and antibacterial agents.

Aigars Jirgensons is co-author of 36 publications and 18 patents, supervisor of 4 defended PhD theses and number of undergraduate theses.

In the INTEGRATE-ETN, Dr. Jirgensons is the supervisor for ESR5. The research project of ESR5 focuses on design and synthesis of mechanism based O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase inhibitors (WP2).


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No  642620
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